The site investigation program consists of geotechnical drilling, standard penetration testing (SPT), hydraulic conductivity testing, and collection of soil and rock samples for geotechnical laboratory testing. Our equipment included: - Undisturbed triple sampler Mazier; - Hydraulic piston thin-walled sampler; - Triple core barrel; - Double core barrel; - Single and double wire-line Packers for Lugeon water permeability tests in borehole.
Typical Project Profile
Taking block soil sample
Hydrogeologic pressure testing using computer-controlled measurement instruments - packer testing
Geotechnical logging
Point Load testing

Geotechnical Investigation

Comprehensive geotechnical site investigation for the KPGNN1 Hydropower Dam Project. Work includes geotechnical drilling, insitu testing, and undisturbed soil sampling for both on land and on the river boreholes; and seismic refraction surveys
Taking soil sample using Mazier sampler
Closure Geotechnical Investigation at BHX - 2019
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