Installation of
Slope Indicator Inclinometer casing
to monitor subsurface movements and deformations
Dam safety instrumentation piezometer instrumentation for Hydropower project in Lao
Inclinometer and Magnet Extensometer Measurement
Installation of Quattro Logger for automatic data record for Piezometer
Inclinometer and Magnet Extensometer Measurement
Automatic datalogging station for rain gauge and Piezometer for Dam
Installation of VW Piezometer in very deep borehole (500m) in PNG
Installation of Magnet Extensometer with Geokon inclinometer casing
Monitoring and Report for geotechnical instrumentation system
Installation of - Inclinometer system, - Piezometer, - Magnet Extensometer, - Total Pressure Cell, Settlement Cell….
Instrument system design, procurement and installation; data acquisition and data transmission; data analysis systems; assessment of safe and un-safe measurement values; alarm systems

Geotechnical Instrumentation
Monitoring and Installation

Geotech International - Installation of Automatic Datalogging Station for Piezometer, Total Pressure Cell and Settlement Cell
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