Geotech International are specialized geotechnical engineers and contractors working throughout Southeast Asia and the South Pacific from offices in Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Lao PDR. The company is qualified and experienced in supplying “bankable” feasibility studies, design studies, construction design, and construction management services for small to medium size alternative energy projects for hydropower, solar, and wind power.
The Company has extensive experience in geotechnical exploration and site investigation by providing, project planning, drilling, sampling, insitu testing, and geotechnical reporting to international and local alternative energy project developers and multi-national project funding agencies.
The Company provides specialized geotechnical construction services including site improvement and foundation grouting. The company also has extensive experience in providing geotechnical instrumentation services through the design, supply, installation, and performance monitoring of dams, water-retaining structures, and civil construction for international and local project developers and multi-national project financial agencies.
The Company supports international geotechnical engineering companies working in Southeast Asia through international quality geotechnical drilling, sampling, insitu testing, and laboratory testing; and geotechnical and structural performance monitoring instrumentation installation and monitoring.
Drilling and grouting of grout curtain to control seepage under and around abutments of tailings dam spillway
Standpipe and vibrating wire piezometer installation work at tailings dam
Insitu testing, and undisturbed soil sampling for both on land and on the river boreholes
Cone penetration testing with pore water pressure measurement
Registered Office:

So 11, Ngo 59, Hoang Cau
O Cho Dua, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84-24) 3513-2763  - Fax: (84-24) 3513-2764
Vietnam Mobile: 090 343 3326
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